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JourneyMadrid - La Habana - MadridMadrid - La Habana - MadridMadrid - La Habana - MadridMadrid - La Habana - MadridMadrid - La Habana - Madrid
Duration10 h9.35 h9.40 h9.35 h13.55 h

Some flight tips

Choose a good seat

One of the keys to enjoying a peaceful flight is to be proactive and choose a good seat in advance. Some airlines allow you to select where you want to sit at the time of booking and others do so at the time of online check-in one or two days before departure.

Move around

Walk around every one or two hours during the flight, try to get out of your seat frequently, move your toes ...

Hand luggage

Carry a small hand bag and a bag with what you need for the journey.

  • Provide yourself with a blanket and pillow or eye mask.
  • Have basic hygiene items at your fingertips.

Get Informed

Not all airlines provide the same amenities for their passengers, but we need to know the company that provides the service anyway, to know the timetables available and what kind of amenities are offered to passengers on intercontinental flights. /p>

Wear comfortable clothes

Wear loose fitting clothing, preferably made of natural fibre, favour so there is less pressure on the skin and better ventilation. /p>

Have fun

Use onboard entertainment.

Hydrate yourself

Inside the plane, the humidity is lower than normal, ranging between 10-20%. This means there may be a sensation of slight dryness on the skin, respiratory tract and cornea. To diminish these sensations you should avoid alcohol and coffee already from the day before the trip, as both substances have a dehydrating effect.

During the flight it is highly advisable to drink plenty of water or juices and even use a moisturizer for your skin.


The small time differences can cause jet-lag (tiredness and daytime sleepiness) and of course when these are greater, they are obviously exaggerated by the internal clock that regulates your hours of sleep and wakefulness. Unfortunately, little can be done to counteract the effects of changing time zones. When you arrive at your destination, try to adjust quickly to local time if you are going to stay there for a long time. If not, try to keep to your home schedule with a difference of no more than 4 hours.

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